Friday, January 13, 2012

HP H3C Switches - DHCP Relay

This only applies to HP switches running H3C software. Running DHCP Relay allows you to have DHCP server in another network and or VLAN. This also reduces the broadcast packets by intercepting DHCP requests before their broadcast. The example below shows that you can have more then one DHCP server if required.


DHCP Enable

DHCP Relay Server-Group 1 IP X.X.X.X

DHCP Relay Server-Group 1 IP Y.Y.Y.Y

Interface Vlan-Interface 1

DHCP Select Relay

DHCP Relay Server-Select 1

Replace X.X.X.X with DHCP Server #1 IP and if available Server #2 replace Y.Y.Y.Y with that IP.

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