Thursday, January 12, 2012

HP H3C 3COM 7500 5800 5820 Series Switches running NLB in Multicast mode issues

Just a heads up to anyone who may have run into issues using some of the switches below while enabling NLB in multicast mode. As it turns out from the command guide the switch will deny any multicast mac address. Below for is reference for command arp check.


arp check enable

undo arp check enable


System view

Default Level

2: System level




Use the arp check enable command to enable ARP entry check. With this function enabled, the device cannot learn any ARP entry with a multicast MAC address. Configuring such a static ARP entry is not permitted and will prompt an error message.

Use the undo arp check enable command to disable the function. Then, the device can learn the ARP entry with a multicast MAC address, and you can also configure such a static ARP entry on the device.

By default, ARP entry check is enabled.


# Enable ARP entry check.

<Sysname> system-view

[Sysname] arp check enable

Switches with this enabled by default:

  • HP/H3C 5800-24G (JC099A,JC100A,JC103A)
  • HP/H3C 5800-48G (JC104A,JC105A,JC101A)
  • HP/H3C 5800AF-48G (JG225A)
  • HP/H3C 582014XG-SFP+ (JC106A)
  • HP/H3C 5829-24XG-SFP+ (JC102A)
  • HP/H3C 5820AF-24XG (JG219A)
  • HP 7510 (JD238B)
  • HP 7506-V (HD241B)
  • HP 7506 (JD239B)
  • HP 7503 (JD240B)
  • HP 7503-S (JD243B)
  • HP 7502 (JD242B)

This might effect more models then this but these are ones that can be confirmed to have this on by default.

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