Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cisco TFTP new IOS – ARP timed out

I kept trying TFTP IOS and couldn’t get around ARP time outs. I was not using a crossover cable. But instead used the existing switching network. I tried changing FE_SPEED_MODE to see if it was a link speed issue. But the issue continued.


ARP: address resolution for timed out.
ARP failed with failure code 1.  TFTP transfer aborted.

Besides switching to a crossover cable the only option i had left was to increase the number of ARP tries.

rommon 23 > TFTP_RETRY_COUNT=20

rommon 24 > TFTP_VERBOSE=2

I tried the TFTPDNLD command one more time and got a ARP response. As it turns out that the gear and the options took ARP 11 tries to get a response. Not sure why it was taking so long but by increasing the TFTP_RETRY_COUNT allowed ARP to finish.

Invoke this command for disaster recovery only.
WARNING: all existing data in all partitions on flash will be lost!
Do you wish to continue? y/n:  [n]:  y

Performing tftpdnld over Fast Enet.
Interface is operating at: 100Mbps/FULL DUPLEX
Initializing interface.
Interface link state down.
Interface link state up.
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARPing for
ARP reply for received.  MAC address


Anonymous said...

This is an issue with ROMMON image try upgrading the ROMMON image this will help you.

Keith R Johnston said...

Thanks for the post, saved me a headache!

todi said...

Hi Patrick,

I have similar problem as you had with sp_link_publication. Have you found solution. If you have or not. Could you contact me on todi(.)gantar(@)gmail(.)com

Unknown said...

Last night I was attempting to install new memory and had to update ios because it lost image! wanted to use TFTP in ROMMON but got this error (ARP failed with failure code 1. TFTP transfer aborted.) SO i just left the router updating IOS old school XMODEM :) Well this morning it was up and running but when I tried another IOS it crashed and I found your post after some surfing! Thanks for the Heads up on this saved me a lot of down time.

Unknown said...

Forgot to add fo the newbies.
I used this little notepad to enter commands and adjust tries.


Sub your ip address info and image bin name and just paste it.

Anonymous said...

use a crossover cable between the laptop and PC. this should solve your problem.

Patrick Nielsen said...

I totally agree, the issue is network related but but changing the time out saved me a trip to the rack.

Kevin Taverner said...

Using TFTP_VERBOSE=2 I was able to observe that the ARP was timing out before the port my router was connected to came up on my switch.
Increasing the number of ARPs with TFTP_RETRY_COUNT=20 gives the switch port time to come up and then the TFTP succeeds.

Gerard said...

Awesome post, It helped out big time.
I extended the TFTP_RETRY_COUNT=30
and if finally found the server.


JoeA said...

you are my hero...
just wish I had seen this post 2 hours ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, initially I tried everything and all the suggestions here but still no luck until I disabled my firewall, it then connected :)note this is on my lab PC with no connection to the internet