Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I recenty bought the BFG 8800GT for this up coming system. The computer I am testing this card in is:

Processor: AMD 3800+ X2
RAM: 2 GB CAS 2.5 DDR400
HD: 150 GB 10K Raptor
I tested 3 games to start with all running max settings at 1600x1200.

Bio Shock Demo
Shading and lighting looked off and dark. Played really well, planning on updating the display drivers. might be the game?
Crysis Demo
Everything looked good but the bottleneck was my CPU.
Half-Life 2 Lost Coast
Ran very well with no bottlenecks.

In all three games I hit 70C degrees or more for the 8800GT card. The air flow is good enough where I didn't think this should be an issue. I have heard the heatsink on the GTS is better. For the price the 8800GT is a good buy. I feel when the new Intel processor comes out that I will have some better testing.

Running idle i noticed the card was running pretty warm

Form Spam

My sister has a site http://paytonwarns.com/ with a photo gallery for her daughter which was used for form spam. Surprising enough a lot of sites that were posted were ranging from inappropriate sites to company websites. I'm not sure if they were posted to help those companies which I highly doubt they need it. Some of them were posted next to a fishy site which makes me wonder if those were to get Google results to get their site more related to a site with better search results. In short i don't think any one would ever click on a spam ad in the first place, all it does is mess up search engines.

For example these sites were found

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Preparedness

It has to be the first time I have ever been prepared for Christmas. Got a real tree and lights up, not to mention got pretty much all of my gifts bought. I found this years black Friday was not nearly as good compared to last year. That allowed me to have a lot of money left over to buy Christmas gifts. After Christmas I'll be building a new computer that I would consider the price point power house. After being really let down by AMD's X2 processors I'm going to redeem previous computer. This January the penryn processors are coming out which much better priced and specs then AMD's current prices.