Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cisco ASA ASDM - Unable to launch device manager from X.X.X.X

While looking into a Active/Standby Cisco ASA that gave me the error below

Unable to launch device manager from X.X.X.X


After looking into this issue I found that it attempted to switch between active and standby. The message was switching failed in the standby log. The cert was still present when going to this in a browser but all pages returned 404.


Quick step was switching to standby to active. This allowed changes to be applied from the ASDM. After reloading the standby at this point found this message during boot.

!!!!!....Device Manager image set, but unable to find disk0:/asdm-635.bin

To fix this assure the ASDN has been copied to your standby ASA. I use Open TFTP Server from source forge to manage ASA updates.

CLI commands for copying off the asdm from the upgraded ASA

copy flash:/asdm-XXX.bin tftp:/

Copy ASDM to other ASA

copy tftp:/asdm-XXX.bin flash:/

For me I did not have to restart the standby ASA after loading the ASDM bin file.


JM said...

ry this:
ciscoasa(config)# ssl encryption aes256-sha1 aes128-sha1 3des-sha1


Jose Miguel Cabrera

Anonymous said...

resolved my issue - many thanks

Nathan Kolet said...

Love you!!!! Finally can get back in my ASA!!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief I have been fighting this issue for days till I found this!!! Thank you for helping me realize I'm not a complete id10t!!

Unknown said...

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