Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SCVMM – Cannot Resolve with DNS

I observed this issue when creating a cluster in a remote site using Active Directory sites. DNS for this does take about 15 minutes based on the default replication value. Also this configuration had my Virtual Machine Manager in a remote site using site local library to deploy virtual machines. When trying to add another cluster to SCVMM shortly after I created it gave me the error message below.

SERVER cannot resolve with DNS

Ensure there is network communication with the DNS server. if the problem persists contact your network administrator


Details: The request name is a valid but no data of the requested type was found


After logging in to the SCVMM server to test the DNS name of the cluster. The SCVMM server is the one making the DNS requests and must be able to resolve any cluster or server names which you wish to add. For this issue I had to flush out the previously cached values on the SCVMM server or wait for the cache to expire.

IPCONFIG /flushdns

If your experiencing issues I would start on your SCVMM server and check your DNS servers and if it can correctly retrieve the DNS records.

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Anonymous said...

This worked perfectly. Ran it on SCVMM machine and I was immediately able to add host!