Sunday, January 29, 2012

Windows 7 Install – Very slow setup on Intel DP43TF Motherboard

If your upgrading or just getting a computer with a Intel DP43TF to Windows 7 or Vista x64(64 bit) it might be really slow. Just in case you ran across this post with another motherboard its most likely that bios has the floppy enabled. To fix that just disable the floppy controller from bios.

The best from reading the release notes for the Intel DP43TF BIOS updates is below.

BIOS Version 0104
About This Release:
 January 22, 2010
 NBG4310H.86A.0104.2010.0122.1624
 ME Firmware Revision: 1129 SKU4
 Integrated Graphics Option ROM Revision: 1800
 MEBx Version:
 PXE LAN Option ROM Revision: Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.3.27
New Fixes/Features:
 Fixed issue where updating DMI data causes reset loop.
Fixed issue where 64-bit operating system runs extremely slow
with 4 GB memory installed.

 Fixed S3 hang issue with POST code 13.
 Changed Intel ME firmware binary power package default.
 Implemented Security Phase 2
 Changed HECI driver for PCIE base 0xF0000000 to fix low memory
 Removed certain graphics card limit which was causing yellow

At this current time bios version 0107 is available for download. Apply this bios update via cdrom, bootable usb or the preferred method running self updater from windows. As you could tell after the update the issue was resolved.

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