Friday, June 4, 2010

Cluster Disk with Identifier has a Persistent Reservation on it

If during migrating Cluster volumes from one cluster to another or if a cluster was taken down incorrectly. Those volumes would not be able to join the new cluster due to the persistent reservation flag set by cluster service. Easy way to make sure to clear the flag before migrating this volume to a new cluster is remove it from the old cluster storage first. The command below will remove the reservation.

cluster.exe node %nodename% /clear:disknumber



RonnyJ said...

So what do you do if you already blew away both nodes in your failover and now they have a reservation? I tried the command you referenced, but I get the "The requested source is in use" message.

Patrick Nielsen said...

Two things i can think of off top of my head are your disk isn't in a offline status and make sure the disk number is right one on the specified node. If a disk is already in use by clustering service for protection reasons it cannot be modified.