Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging - Enable All Users

I didn’t find a easy way to enable all users with Unified Messaging. So I exported a list of users from AD with the extra column that contains the business phone. (View –> Add/Remove Columns )image

After adding the column, right click on the OU and export list to CSV. Open the export file in Excel and that should display four columns A through D in column E2 (row 1 is header) paste powershell script from below. Replacing Domain, Policy Name and OU (add more to the path if users are deeper then one OU)

=CONCATENATE("DOMAIN/OU/",A2,"' | Enable-UMMailbox -PinExpired $false -UMMailboxPolicy 'Policy NAME' -Extensions '",D2,"'")

Now drag using the copy square to the bottom. Now that column E has all of your scripts to enable all those users you can copy and paste them into your Exchange enabled powershell window. The safer method could be paste into a powershell script. Pretty simple little method to get all your users up with Voicemail. By the way this does send out emails with their new Voicemail PIN.

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