Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Windows XP/Vista RAID Blue Screen

I recently found that if you are using a RAID Configuration for Windows XP or Vista you might run into a blue screen 0x0000007B stop code. If the SCSI/RAID driver isn't for the controller that the drives that are attached. If you are running a Western Digital Raptor drive you can run SATA over IDE which allows you to Enumerate this connection as IDE. This doesn't require a 3rd Party Driver for Windows. As soon as you switch SATA configuration to RAID Windows will require a RAID driver. Most newer motherboards come with two on board SATA controllers. Find the correct driver and copy that to a floppy drive. When you start the windows install press F6 when it prompts you for 3rd Party SCSI/RAID drivers. Finding the correct driver is key to avoid this blue screen.

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