Sunday, March 9, 2008

Coke and Pepsi Points revisited

I have been using both services for a few weeks now. Coke raised their point prices on their Rhapsody songs to 33 again. While Pepsi is still at 5 points for a song from Amazon. The comparison isn't even there, 5 to 11 20oz bottles in Pepsi's favor per song. When is comes down to it we drink what we like. I don't normally drink Pepsi but for free song I would drink wild cherry Pepsi over cherry coke. This kind of thought is what competing companies would like to hear. As a consumer getting reward back on something we already buy is great.

I did have a failed download with Amazon when the downloader crashed. I ended up using their web form page to report this and got an email a few minutes later saying my download was reactivated. I found this process to be fast enough for me. Rhapsody also has pretty good redownload tool. I had heard complaints about amazon song downloading only once even if it failed.

On a side note Rhapsody radio i have been using is really good. No commercials and fairly good genres to pick from too. Their 25 free song previews are also a nice perk over Amazon. I want to know how a song is in the middle of it with out buying it. If you cancel a song playing with Rhapsody before 30 seconds it doesn't count as a song play.

With the recent rise in coke points I will be trying Amazon more these up coming weeks.

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